Edited by 

Tom Piccirilli & Edward J. McFadden

Cover by Bob Eggleton


Know that you hold in your hand ghosts and relevance as you turn these pages.

Words carved into soul as well as stone.  

Don’t rest in peace...read on and thrill, tremble, and burn.


Three time Bram Stoker Award winner Tom Piccirilli and Fantastic Stories of the Imagination Editor Edward McFadden bring you 20 tales of dark fantasy and horror.  Rose pedals whirl in the rising wind as the shadows thicken. Read these Epitaphs from: Linda D. Addison, Mike Allen, Trey R. Barker,  Warren Newton Beath, Tippi Blevins,  Dan Clore,  Corrine De Winter,  James S. Dorr,  Rhonda Eikamp,  Cindie Geddes, Harrison Howe,  Gerard Daniel Houarner,  Randall Ivey,  Michael Laimo, Natalia Lincoln, Edward McFadden, Adam Meyer, K.K. Ormond, Wendy Rathbone, Michelle Scalise, Vera Searles,  Sue Storm,  Honna Swenson, G. Warlock Vance, & Thomas Wiloch.







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 Tom Piccirilli is the author of over a dozen novels, including A Choir of Ill Children, The Night Class, A Lower Deep, Hexes, Coffin Blues, and Grave Men.  He’s published over 140 stories in the mystery, horror, erotica, and fantasy fields. He’s been a final nominee for the World Fantasy Award and he’s a three-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award, given in the categories of Novel, Short Story, and Poetry.  Learn more about him at his official website http://www.tompiccirilli.com.


 Edward J. McFadden III is the author/editor of five books: Deconstructing Tolkien: A Fundamental Analysis of The Lord of the Rings, Catching the Big One (2005), The Second Coming: The Best of Pirate Writings, Vol. II, Thoughts of Christmas and The Best of Pirate Writings, Vol I. He  has had more than 75 short stories published in places like Terminal Fright, Cyber-Psycho’s A.O.D., The And, and The Arizona Literary Review. He lives on Long Island with his wife Dawn, their daughter Samantha, and their mutt Indy. See http://www.edwardmcfadden.com/ for all things Ed.