Cover by Rob Granito


Patrick Thomas

ISBN 1-890096-26-1,  $14 US 



After centuries of imprisonment and torture, the Norse trickster Loki is freed for a day in payment for a good deed done years past. The god of deception promises to return but manages to find a way to turn that day into weeks. The only catch is he has to bring bartender John Murphy along for the ride, literally. While visiting distant worlds they are drawn into a war, fighting for those who cannot defend themselves. They are joined by goblins, trolls and a fugitive thunderer. In the midst of the struggle, Loki arrives at a crossroad. One way lies personal freedom, but at a terrible cost to the people he is trying to save. The other path may well destroy him, but could stop Ragnarok. Can someone considered evil truly change?

Will Loki continue on the path to destruction or take his first steps on





 "A dazzling display of story telling skill. If this book isn't on your bookshelves, your personal library is incomplete." -Murphy's Mom

"A great book. Delicious as an appetizer or entree. Even better with a little salt."-Pace, Primitive Troll "War is hell. I should know. I've fought in a hundred campaigns on dozens of worlds. So in a choice between war and Murphy's book, I recommend the book. However I don't recommend using it as a weapon unless you're fighting tiny insects." -Tock, Goblin Commander

"I can't guarantee this book will protect you against lightning strikes, but I can honestly said that I've never known anyone who owned this book that was struck by a thunderbolt. And I've seen plenty of people struck by lightning, usually right after they tick me off." -Thunder Jack, The god formerly known as Zeus





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