Brad Aiken

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The Teconean Empire, a civilization of  Neanderthals, 

is determined to retake Earth, their homeworld. 

The rogue starfighter pilot that once stopped their  plans, 

is now framed and running for  his life. 

Danny Stryker finds himself on an unexpected path 

that will forever alter the  balance of power in the galaxy.

 and  forever change man’s definition of life.




At the dawn of the twenty-sixth century, man’s definition of life is about to change.

It has been nearly three years since Captain Danny Stryker helped stave off the Teconean invasion of Earth.  A tenuous peace has been forged in the galaxy and the centennial celebration of 2500 is about to begin.

The festivities provide the perfect backdrop for Stryker’s enemies to exact their revenge.  He’s framed for the theft of a top-secret military weapon, and is forced to flee his home world of Kennedy Prime in search of evidence that will clear his name.  As his quest begins, an artificial intelligence life form enters the galaxy and launches a series of covert attacks against the Empire. 

The Teconeans assume that the Federation is responsible, and galactic peace is about to unravel.  As Stryker chases his nemesis into Teconean space, he finds himself thrown into the middle of the battle.  Knowing that Earth will be the aliens’ next target, Stryker must decide whether to let them destroy the Empire, or to join forces with his Teconean enemies against the invaders.

The key to the mysterious aliens lies buried on the moon of Kennedy Prime, and it’s up to Stryker to solve the puzzle before war begins.  The fate of the galaxy is at stake.







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Brad Aiken is a physician in Miami, Florida, and has been recognized by Miami Metro Magazine as one of South Florida’s top physicians on several occasions.  He has published numerous scientific articles, and has presented to both professional and non-professional groups on a variety of topics. Dr. Aiken has been the recipient of the Navy Science Award, as well as science awards from the Army, the Air Force and NASA.  His first novel, Starscape: The Silver Bullet, was published in 2000. His short story awards include the second runner-up award in the 2002 short story contest, for The Hill, and an honorable mention in the 2003 national short story contest sponsored by the South Florida Chapter of the National Writer’s Association, for Billy Dayton.